Red flag is a 1,000 capacity venue that can be scaled per event.

 ALL patrons must have a valid hard copy form of identification to enter events with age restrictions.  



If you ARE fully vaccinated, a mask is not required while attending an event at Red Flag. 

If you are NOT vaccinated, please wear a mask while attending an event at Red Flag unless you are seated or actively drinking.  

*Please note some shows may require everyone that attends to wear a mask per the Artists request.



We do accept these forms of ID:

  • Valid Photo United States Issued ID
  • Valid Photo Passport

We do not accept these forms of ID in any circumstance:

  • School ID
  • Firearm/Conceal & Carry ID
  • Photocopied ID
  • Photos on your phone of your ID
  • Temporary Driving Permits.


No weapons of any kind are allowed in Red Flag. All patrons will be wanded upon entry. All bags will be searched. 

Outside Beverages:

No outside beverages are allowed into Red Flag. If you are caught with one you will be immediately ejected with no refund.

Smoking Policy:

Red Flag is a non-smoking venue. This means vaping too. There are smoking poles 15 feet from each door outside for those who would like to smoke.

Stage Diving / Crowd Surfing:

Stage diving and/or crowd surfing will result in immediate ejection from the venue.


Re-entry is allowed for those over 21 years old with a wristband. If you are under 21 plan accordingly as you will not be allowed to re-enter the venue after leaving an event by any means.

Open Tabs:

All open tabs left at the bars after closing will be charged to the credit/debit card on file along with an 30% gratuity.